Accelerate Life Insurance and Annuities Transformation

Adopt a flexible, secure, and scalable platform to unlock your data’s potential.

Results We Drive

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Optimize workflows, expedite processes, decrease waste, and reduce costs.

Improve CustomerExperience

Improve Customer

Transform your market position. Become proactive by harnessing data and eliminate external dependencies.



Adopt technology that maximizes the actionability of your own data and automatically stretches to your capabilities.

How Evadata Works


Evadata is a cloud-native, serverless insurtech that designs flexible data solutions that keep your data secure and grow according to your capabilities.

Data Platform

Carriers receive aggregated, analyzed, and enriched data that becomes a fully integrated and seamless part of the carriers’ workflows.


Purposeful tech built for life and annuities operational success, to support transformation by diminishing errors, inefficiencies, and losses created by manual processes.

Industry Adoption

Reliable, secure services trusted and adopted by over 30% of prominent life insurance carriers in the U.S.

About evadata

About Evadata

Founded in 2019, Evadata’s product line up has evolved to help life and annuities carriers find continuous value in their fraud fighting efforts and claims processes. Evadata builds products to improve policyholder experience, reduce expenses, and promote growth.

Evadata Solves Complex Problems

Evadata LENS


Evadata LENS is the first SaaS-managed data integration that turns a compliance chore intro a transformation opportunity. Its comprehensive mortality event monitoring technology processes death sources and matches customer records.

Evadata ACT


Evadata ACT strengthens the industry with its collaborative forum where fraud-fighting professionals provide their latest experiences, knowledge, and procedures to combat fraud.

What Others Say

Industry leaders trust Evadata to push operations forward and quickly transform their data landscape.

Our Founders and Customers

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